Entourage setup guide


Entourage setup guide

Email Account Setup Guide

1) Open Entourage, go to the "Tools" menu and click on "Accounts..."

2) When the "Internet Accounts" window appears, click on the "Mail" tab. Click and hold on the "New" button, moving your pointer over the "Mail..." label and release the mouse button.

3) When the "Account Setup Assistant" dialog starts, begin filling out Your name: the name you want to appear on all your emails you send to people. At the bottom left of this window, click Configure account manually.

4) In the New Account window, choose IMAP (recommended protocol) unless you are an advanced user and need POP3. Click OK.

5) In the Edit Account window, fill in the following information:

Account Settings

    Account name: Your full name

    Include this account...: (optional)

Personal information

    Name: Your full name

    E-mail address: <yourname>@udomain.com

Receiving mail

    Account ID: <yourname>@udomain.com

    IMAP server: mail.udomain.com

    Password/Save password: (optional)

Sending mail

    SMTP Server: mail.udomain.com

6) Set advanced receiving options:

This IMAP service requires a secure connection (SSL) should be checked.

Override default IMAP port: check if 993 isn't set, and reset to 993 if needed.

7) Set advanced sending options:

SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL) should be checked.

Override default SMTP port should be checked and changed to 465.

SMTP server requires authentication should be checked.

    Use same settings as incoming mail server should be set.

8) Settings in the Options tab are optional. The settings shown in the Advanced tab are preferred, but the "Delete options" can be altered to suit your needs.



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