How to setup a POP3 account on iPhone/iPad/iPhone5

The following tutorial is provided as a courtesy to our customers to help you configure your mail software to work with Aman mail solutions. Third-party software cannot be supported directly by Aman Corp. If you cannot find the exact software version you are using or have further questions about configuring your iPhone for any reason, please visit: Apple - Support - Mail section

Setting up email on iPhone or iPad

To set up a new POP3 account on an iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or an iPad please follow the steps below:

Note: depending on which device you have, and the version of the software running on it, some screens may look slightly different - however the settings will be the same.

- Select Settings

- Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

- Select Add Account

- Select Other


- Select Add Mail Account

- Enter your account details; Name, Email Address and Password. The Description is a way for you to identify the account. Press Next

- Select POP

- Enter the Incoming Mail server details. Host Name will be , the User Name will be your 'email Id' name. The Password will already be populated

- Enter the Outgoing Mail server details.

- Press Save


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