421 Unexpected failure 421 Unexpected failure If you are trying to send emails and get a message like: 421,... 451 error while writing spool file 451 error while writing spool file This message indicates that your email is not configured... Are you able to receive emails but not send? If you can receive mail but aren't able to send this means one thing: Your internet provider... Are you able to send emails but not receive? Either your domain is over quota, or your e-mail address itself is over quota. You will need to... Does your e-mail client say All of our shared servers have a 60 check per hour limit. If you hit this limit in any hour... Email Attachments   Email Attachments WEBMAIL In cPanel webmail (Horde & SquirrelMail), this attachment... Email Signature Installation Instructions for Outlook 2003 The Stationery folder location varies depending on the version of Outlook (or Outlook Express)... Entourage setup guide   Entourage setup guide Email Account Setup Guide 1) Open Entourage, go to the "Tools"... Eudora / Thunderbird / Mac Email Client Settings Email settings for an Email Client (Outlook, Eudora, MAC mail etc.): Incoming mail server:... How can I setup webmail to go directly to Horde, SquirrelMail or RoundCube? 1. Login to the webmail program you prefer. You can get there by going to... How do I change my sites MX record to point mail to another server or domain? If you wish to just point it to another domain do the following:1. Log into your Cpanel.2. Click... How do I create email accounts? To create an email account, login to your control panel and click Mail, then Add/Remove Email... How do I log into Webmail? You can log into webmail by going to: or... How to Delete Outbox DBX DBX files are database files used with Microsoft Outlook Express. The files contain all the... How to Export Contacts from Outlook? Please visit the following link I changed my MX record and I am not receiving any email at my mail server. If you ever send mail from any site that is on the same server where your site is hosted, your... I get an error 0x800ccc0d or 0x800ccc0f when sending or receiving email in Outlook Express or Outlook SymptomsWhen you attempt to send or receive email, you see one of the following error... IMAP 2007 Configuration Setting Outlook 2007 to use IMAP With Microsoft Outlook, you can optionally use IMAP... Our mail policy and limits Limits:   There is a 500 hourly email limit per domain this limit is also applied towards... Too many SMTP connections? Too many SMTP connections? We limit 25 connections per your IP address. If you are getting... What do I put for both incoming and outgoing mail server? For both incoming and outgoing mail server, put Where do I go to check my emails using my browser? To check your email using your web browser, go to You can also go... Why do e-mails with attachments not work? 1. The server is designed to block attachment types which are seen as a danger if they are not... Why won't my email address work? Make sure your user name and password is all lowercase.Make sure you have created the email...
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